2015-03-01 18:00

Quality does prevail!

As the first wrapping business in central Germany, the bös - Vinyl Lounge has taken on the challenge to be GEWA certified.

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2013-01-29 19:29

AMG India

Entrusted by INTAX Germany, I was sent to New Delhi, India to wrap this SLS AMG in white mat for the local AMG driving academy.

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2012-09-30 19:54

Toyo Tires

The "Tuning World - Bodensee" is the biggest show for car enthusiasts of that genre.

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Robin Bös in Action


Unfortunately the name "allesfolie" is not easily translated. But analogously it means "all vinyl". People kept asking: "Is it all vinyl?" when contemplating Robin's work. Obviously not believing what they saw. Yes! It is all vinyl and the possibilities are sheer endless. Visit the gallery and be inspired. Robin will advise his customers based on the experience he gained since 1996. Expect the highest quality and craftsmanship from one of the best wrappers in the business.